PEPP I was born in the mean streets of Detroit.I never stayed in one house for more than 2 years until I moved to my grandmothers house at the age of 15.So I grew up a fighter just from moving hood to hood (Westside,Ecorse,Southwest & River Rouge).I've did my share of dirt around these parts.But I have kids now and I had to change rather I liked it or not.Music has always been a part of my life so I persued it.I've been rapping since 1992.Three years later in 1995 I met Dave (Da Product) which is my homeboy TEE brother.Thats who showed me how to make beats and record.I was on and off with music until 2006.Thats when I made block work ent.The name come from being on the block working hard for the money.But thats behind me now.I'm focused on being one of the best music moguls who ever did it.Im not going to bore u with a life story similar to most inner city men.HOLLA....


DEZILL I born in Royal Oak, Michigan 1990 to a welfare mom and an alcoholic father, needless to say that didn't last long at all. I bounced back n forth between my mom (who stayed in all over from spots in Oakland county to slums in Detroit) n my Dad (who stayed in the suburbs in a trailer park). I stayed all over the place from Ypsilanti to West Grand Blvd, all before I was 10. When I was younger other influences around me got me into the game at a young age, breaking in to houses n shit before I was in middle school... wich eventually led to a felony charge when I was 15. I always hustled since a kid, I sold sum video games to my 5th grade teacher, n by middle school I was sellin my pills to kids. I wasn't good in school, but i did want to try n make it, but I was to busy hustlin to pay bills n rent dat I quit with a 10th grade education. I've been makin beats since i was 16 n rappin since like 14 and now at 20 years old with an 18 month old daughter Im doin trying to do sumthing with my talents in Production and Rappin.